Building Solution Effect


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BSE Construction was founded upon the idea that client satisfaction was the primary goal in running a business; many other fraudulent construction companies have desecrated the need to maintain a sturdy client/company relationship, and this attitude reflects in the execution of the work being done.

BSE has a different approach, an approach that allows for clients to feel welcome into the arms of our business, leading to a more successful line of communication, aiding to a job conducted in the exact idea portrayed by said clients.


This attitude towards our clients very much reflects in the finish of our jobs, whether it is a loft conversion or extension, the company strives to achieve perfection in all respects. 

As a business we aim for the most efficient approach to a job, providing adequate costs that are fair to the high standard that we maintain throughout our projects.


We take great care in ensuring that, at the end of every workday, cleanliness of the site is looked after. Leaving a mess is highly unprofessional, thus we dedicate time in keeping the site clean for the client to feel comfortable in their own space, as we respect that this is their property.


BSE Construction is a construction business that gets friendly with the client, respects them as a person and adapts to any ideas or concepts introduced in a project. With great communication and outstanding service, we pride ourselves as a staple construction company in West London, with great reviews and very happy clients we have confirmation that we do construction the right way.